Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ron Paul Interview - The Kudlow Report 13 Jan 2012

Ron Paul Interview On The Kudlow Report : GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul discusses his plan for the primary in South Carolina and how he would rein in Federal government spending, with CNBC's Larry Kudlow. One day these reporters will thank Ron Paul for saving our Country...or at least for shouting "Federal Reserve" high on the hilltops warning the world. Thank You Ron now have your Army to support you in the Frontlines... Even tho you can dodge bullets baby!

Ron Paul : well, there better be or there won't be much left of the party because we're talking about the fundamentals they claim they believed in for a long time. i mean for cutting spending and balancing budgets and sound money. i mean that's what we've talked about, all the way back to the '80s but we never followed through is the problem and then in, you know, in this century in the first decade, we had the house and the senate and the presidency, and i think we blew it. we doubled the size of the department of education, we had prescription drug programs and then we had that sarbanes-oxley, and I'm told that could have cost the business community $1 trillion, so no, i think they better pay attention to those of us who believe in free markets and not just give lip service to us or you know, they're not going to do well.
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