Sunday, January 22, 2012

PIPA : Paul Is the President for America

Jan 23 2012 Update: Ron Paul "Preserve the Free & Open Internet" Preserve the Free and Open Internet! STOP SOPA/PIPA KEEP THE INTERNET FREE! cant be more clear than this.....SOPA cannot be approved ....The ENd of the internet ?...just the beginning of the END of the world...SOPA & PIPA will keep getting run through until it gets through much like every other law....FREEDOM, LIBERY AND JUSTICE IS TIMELESS. Ron Paul is the only hope for the future and to restore America.SOPA may be stopped for now, but the bigger problem was the NDAA. That is much more serious, people should've put the same effort into protesting that.Here's my PIPA : Paul Is the President for America. Seriously, this Draconian , police state invasion is bad and totally unnecessary as a protective measure. There a jillion laws to protect content owners' rights. Enforce those and the problem is solved. SOPA / PIPA is like killing a fly with a bazooka, which just proves that the law's supporters have an intent that goes far beyond simple copyright protection.
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