Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ron Paul on Americas Rotten Banks

Ron Paul is the only true politician that knows what he is talking about. stands up for the people and the American way of life. Loves liberty and freedom ,believes in less govt. intervention.RT talks to Congressman Ron Paul about everything from emergency bailouts, to North Korea, via Sarah Palin.We're already on the road to a depression! Nothing was saved! The bailouts were a stall tactic!Cult of personality...rock star politician larger than life. Ron Paul is the lone voice of reason heard by the people that support him, ignored by his colleagues . He is knowledgeable and gives truth from an insider perspective yet he is still a shill politician corrupted by the system. I am convinced he is a corrupted insider connected at the hip with everyone else through the brotherhood of secret societies. Free masonry corrupts all politicians, religions and government through hidden agendas.

Thanks RT for another great interview. You want "fair and balanced?" RT has both! Also, thanks to KTMP in SF for broadcasting RT throughout the Bay Area,Who ever would have thought that Russia Today would be more credible, more fair and balanced than all US corporate media? They don't push the establishment government line. I need some RT on my cable tv!
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