Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ron Paul : The government tracking Gold and Guns

Ron Paul on Radio 8/18/10

Dr. Ron Paul is back to Goldseek Radio he talks about the US government tracking of gold purchases, shortages at the US Mint, investing in gold coins vs gold stocks, and the Free Competition in Currency Act."The medical care is noy good for our health and it is not good for our economic health , it is not good for our freedom or anything else..." Dr. Ron Paul says it is a shame that this stuff has to get passed he added...may be after November we can put enough pressure on them to repeal that but it is an outrage whether it is tracking gold or tracking guns there is some one there that always wants to know exactly what we are doing...
Ron Paul : “We’re printing money, we’re spending money, we have not reformed Washington. They’re destined to destroy the dollar, which means not that the gold price is going up, but the value of gold will be maintained. The value of the dollar is destined to go down.”
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