Monday, March 15, 2010

Ron Paul on The Financial Reform Bill - The Ed Show 15 Mar 2010

Ron Paul on The Ed Show : Giving the Fed MORE Power is Not Reform 15 Mar 2010

I support the true reform ans that is to reform the federal reserve and the whole concept of money because once you allow governments and the secret banks like the federal reserve to create money out of thin air you allow things like wars to be fought because you do not have to be responsible , the fed will pick up the debt ...and deficits are huge today because of the FED , if people are worried about the two trillion dollars increase in national debt this year , it could not happen if you did not have the fed to be the lender of last resort to the politicians , for whatever reason , but there is a collusion here , the conservatives like to do what to fight wars the liberals like to do what to have on welfare , and therefore the FED benefits both the conservatives and the liberals , and destroys the money ultimately , and that's why I am so interested in looking at the FED more in detail explain Congressman Ron Paul...
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