Monday, February 20, 2012

Veterans for Ron Paul March on Washington

The Veterans for Ron Paul March on Washington 2/20/2012. Here is some fantastic video of the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the White House today. Incredible Raw footage just captured at approximately 15:30 EST in Washington D.C., courtesy of Luke Rudkowski and WeAreChange I sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy watching this clip as much as I did.Absolutely amazing.. great effort everyone! The msm covered a prenatal pregnancy care protest of about 30 women instead of this historic footage, but it will not go unnoticed. This is very inspiring! God Bless America

Ron Paul's consistently strong anti-war message is one that resonates with many U.S. troops today. Hundreds of active duty troops, veterans, and Paul supporters marched from the Washington Monument to the White House this afternoon. Sick of fighting seemingly never-ending wars overseas, troops that took part in the march say they are ready for radical change. Liz Wahl spoke to veterans that say their only hope for that is getting Paul into the White House.
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