Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ron Paul 2012 stands with the 99%

Ron Paul IS part of the 99 percent!I thought OWS, of all people, would know what Ron Paul stood for. Ron Paul didn't run away, he didn't ignore them, he replied, and he agreed. What does that tell you about every other politician who has ignored this from the start (including OBAMA)? What answers do they have? Where is their willingness to engage? Where is their response? This guy is a REAL candidate. The only one with the balls to listen and answer.This guy is your only choice for a genuine politician. Not someone who has a self serving or power agenda. He cant be bought like the others you put in office. He was on the right side of history from wars to bubbles for hi entire career in politics. He stands for liberty and the rights and freedoms of individuals. Not for Corporations, Unions, or any other groups. He stands simply for the people!

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