Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jesse Ventura HOSTS Larry King Live with Ron Paul on for the WHOLE HOUR

Ron Paul we need personal liberty and limited government

Congressman Ron Paul
:" I am looking to bring the troops home the country is totally bankrupt , i know a little bit about history , I know how empires end and i know how ours is going to end it is gonna end badly but it is a by partisan effort , i am tired of hearing this by partisanship and that's what we have in Washington bi partisans support the war , Obama wants to expand the war and the republicans love it , and when there is big spending they agree , well you spend on this side and this side and both sides agree to it so i think we need somebody to stand up , we need a new idea , i like the idea of progressives and libertarians and conservative constitutionalists getting together and start talking about civil liberties and this war issue , because this is bankrupting our country and ...why are we building an embassy in London England that costs over a billion dollars , we have a fortress there we have a fortress in Baghdad a fortress in Kabul , it makes no sense whatsoever ..that could be a good bipartisan coalition but it would be principal people on the liberty conservative right and principal people on the progressive left"

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