Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ron and Rand Paul Interview by whas11.com 31 January 2010

Thanks to www.whas11.com for this excellent interviews of Doctors Rand and his father Ron Paul . Rand Paul though seems to disagree with his father on many topics ..when asked about what they think of the government responsabolity regarding 9/11 Dr. Rand paul answered with the following :"I think there's a danger sometimes, and people misinterpret my father, I think is that, they think somehow it is blaming America. And it's not. We are not to blame for people attacking us. It is their fault and they did something horrendous and that's how the conversation needs to begin. But then we say why in the global scheme of things are these happening? And the interersting thing is, while many people say we don't look at this, in Saudi Arabia (the United States) had bases and we no longer have bases.

Osama Bin Laden wanted us to leave Saudi Arabia. did we appease,him? Well it was the George W. Bush adminstration that left Saudi Arabia. Maybe it was time that we left Saudi Arabia, but did we do that because we were attacked? Then, it's 'you're appeasing terrorists.' which we don't want to ever do.

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