Monday, January 11, 2010

Steve Forbes Interviews dr. Ron Paul on The Audit the FED Bill

Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul Wants To Open The Fed's Books audit the FED end its secrecy make it accountable . Congressman Ron Paul tells Steve Forbes that the recovery is not for real the government statistics are not to be trusted says Dr.Ron Paul.
"Investments should come when interest rates are low and there's a lot of savings. But we rejected that whole notion probably essentially since Bretton Woods broke down, not much savings, interest rates are artificially low. So the businessman doesn't get the right signals. So the cause of the problem should be laid at the doorstep of the Fed for the bubbles that had been formed." Ron Paul Said
"I think in the free market with some money you'd always have wild speculation, but they'd be very narrow in one group. And, you know, there might be a frenzy. But there would never be the entire system. So, yes, the banking system and Wall Street, and government, you know, they get together and they cause not only a national bubble, because the dollar has become the reserve currency and a fiat currency at that, of the world." Ron Paul added
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