Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ron Paul: The worst is yet to come | Interview on KWN

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is the originator of the audit the Fed bill and a champion of liberty in the United States. If there is a modern day version of our founding fathers it is Congressman Paul as he has never voted for a bill unless it was consistent with the US Constitution. He has fought for lower taxes, abolishing the Fed, preserving our Republic and freedom from oppressive and enlarged government. King World News is proud to have Congressman Paul on the network and thanks him for his service to this nation. In this interview Congressman Paul discusses the need to audit the Fed and abolish it as well, loss of confidence of the Dollar, corruption in the government and banking system, the mountains of debt the US has, injustice of taxation, capital controls, US sovereignty, the police state, resistance, nationalism and more.
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